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About Us

About Us

Starting a journey deep into the realms of bentonite production, Iran Bentonite Co. has meticulously carved its niche as a distinguished manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, specializing in an array of bentonite types, which include, but are not limited to, casting, drilling, API, high yield, OCMA, and paint bentonite. Having several Bentonite Mines in different areas of Iran, well-equipped Mineral Processing Plants and a knowledgeable and experienced technical team, Iran Bentonite Co., managed to pave its own way to the international markets promptly. Enveloped within our mission statement is a solid commitment to delivering products of impeccable quality, ensuring that each granule of bentonite we produce surpasses industry standards and fulfills the specialized needs of diverse applications.

Our vision, effervescently clear, propels us to navigate through the pathways of innovation and sustainable practices, continually enhancing our methodologies and contributing to both industry and environmental well-being. With a spirit of ingenuity and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Iran Bentonite Co. remains steadfast in its pursuit to not only meet but exceed the expectations within this dynamic industry.


The Company Timeline

Starting its journey in 2014, Iran Bentonite Co. embarked on a pathway that was, initially, brimmed with the production and supply of fundamental bentonite types, tailoring to a market that sought after these quintessential products. The inception of the company was molded with a straightforward portfolio, offering a modest but essential range of bentonite, ensuring that the primary demands of the clientele were addressed adeptly and proficiently. As days melded into years, the company observed the weaving tapestry of the industry’s demands and elected to immerse itself deeper into the ocean of possibilities within the bentonite realm.

Progressively, leveraging its adept team and expanding its infrastructure, the company unbridled its capacity to refine, evolve, and expand its offerings, propelling itself into a spectrum of enhanced products and services. Emphasizing a strategic blend of innovative methods and technology, Iran Bentonite Co. started to present an extensive array of bentonite types, addressing diverse industrial applications and expanding its horizons far beyond its initial scope. The evolution ingrained within the company’s timeline not only signifies growth but echoes its commitment to adaptability and customer satisfaction in its continuous journey forward.


Our Values

Embedded in the philosophical bedrock of Iran Bentonite Co. are values that not only steer its organizational conduct but also forge a symbiotic relationship with each stakeholder involved. Integrity and Honesty pave the path forward, ensuring every deal, every product, and every interaction is laced with undeniable truthfulness and transparent authenticity, providing a clear mirror into our business practices for all our collaborators and clientele. Simplicity, another cornerstone of our ethos, threads through our complex processes, ensuring that while we delve into intricate product development, our interactions, transactions, and communications retain a clarity and straightforwardness that ensures ease and accessibility for our partners.

Parallelly, Teamwork and Excellence weave into our operational tapestry, driving us to amalgamate collective efforts and individual prowess toward a symphony of superior outputs and cooperative accomplishments. Coupled with that, Innovation embodies our spirit to perpetually seek, explore, and incorporate novel ideas and technologies, ensuring that our journey and the solutions we proffer are perpetually at the forefront of industrial advancements. Through these unwavering, steadfast values, Iran Bentonite Co. shapes its products and services and crafts an ecosystem where reliability, clear communication, collaborative growth, and pioneering solutions are not just offered but are inherently assured.


Our Products

Iran Bentonite Co. conscientiously endeavors to manifest its expertise in the meticulous crafting of diverse bentonite types, each tailored to meet distinct industry specifications. Our palette of products, spanning from casting and drilling bentonite to API, high yield, OCMA, and paint bentonite, serves as a testament to our commitment to fulfilling and often surpassing our client’s varied demands. A pivotal point in our operational doctrine is the relentless pursuit of broadening our product spectrum. Thus, our adept team consistently plunges into innovative explorations, intending not only to enhance the quality and application of our existing bentonite lineup but also to bring forth new, proficient offerings that further solidify our position as a reliable supplier and exporter in the bentonite domain. Later on, you can see a list of our top products.

  • Casting Bentonite:

Embedding a vital role in metallurgy, Casting Bentonite becomes an indispensable asset in the creation of robust molds, where it facilitates precision and adherence within the casting of diverse metals, thereby ensuring structural integrity and minimally flawed outputs in varied metallurgical applications.

  • Construction Bentonite:

In the realm of civil engineering and construction, Construction Bentonite elevates itself as a pivotal element, commended for its robust, waterproof sealing capabilities and for ensuring stability in diverse structures, from dams to basements, providing a firm and secure foundation in an array of engineering marvels.

  • API Bentonite:

A cornerstone within the drilling industry, API Bentonite, complying with the stringent standards set by the American Petroleum Institute, takes charge of enhancing the efficacy and reliability of drilling fluids, ensuring optimal viscosity and suspension properties, crucial for maintaining wellbore stability during the drilling processes.

  • High Yield Bentonite:

High-Yield Bentonite, renowned for its substantial viscosity and flexibility, plays a quintessential role in establishing an optimized drilling process by providing a dense, robust fluid environment conducive to maintaining structural stability and minimizing material influx during drilling operations.

  • OCMA Bentonite:

With its intrinsic capacity to manage fluid loss and its economical viability, OCMA Bentonite establishes itself as a proficient drilling assistant, offering effective solutions in both water and oil-based drilling fluid systems, ensuring the fluid environment is maintained effectively and economically.

  • Fertilizer Bentonite:

As an agricultural ally, Fertilizer Bentonite serves to enhance soil nutrient availability, presenting itself as a resourceful conduit that aids in the gradual release of fertilizers, ensuring sustained nourishment for crops while improving soil structure and promoting healthier plant growth.

  • Livestock & Poultry Feed Bentonite:

The integration of Livestock & Poultry Feed Bentonite not only fortifies animal health by acting as an agent that assists in combating bacterial infections but also serves to alleviate the impacts of radionuclides, thereby safeguarding livestock health and ensuring the integrity of produce.

  • Paint Bentonite:

Paint Bentonite is recognized for its aptitude as a thickening and extending agent within various industrial paint formulations, optimizing viscosity and application consistency while ensuring the qualitative stability of paints across varied applications.

  • Pelletizing Bentonite:

Pelletizing Bentonite demonstrates its value in material binding, aiding in the formation of uniformly sized and structurally coherent pellets, ensuring their stability and integrity throughout the handling and processing stages.

  • Pet Litter Bentonite:

Employed as a potent absorbent, Pet Litter Bentonite serves to assure cleanliness and hygiene within pet litter applications, proficiently encapsulating moisture and odor and providing a dry, comfortable environment for pets while also finding utility in poultry applications as a reliable bedding material.

  • Water Treatment Bentonite:

Essential in safeguarding aquatic ecosystems, Water Treatment Bentonite stands out as a proficient purifying agent, leveraging its inherent absorptive properties to eradicate impurities and undesirable components from water bodies, ensuring cleaner, safer water across diverse applications.


Manufacturing and Facilities

In Iran Bentonite Co. lies an operational architecture that seamlessly intertwines expertise with advanced manufacturing amenities. The company, enjoying a foundation of trustworthiness, diverges its focus toward synthesizing high-quality material, courtesy of its meticulously engineered factories, and the collective expertise of its seasoned professionals. A genuine pledge to unparalleled quality is substantiated by an adroitly managed supply chain, upheld by a constellation of bentonite mines, dispersed across various regions of Iran, ensuring a consistent influx of raw materials requisite for the fabrication of bentonite characterized by commendable physicochemical properties. The synthesis of these attributes catalyzes the creation of products that not only align with but often transcend, the anticipated standards of clientele.

Navigating through the intricate avenues of mineral processing, the company has concretized its prominence by erecting well-equipped mineral processing plants that stand as testaments to its commitment to quality and efficacy. These facilities serve as crucibles where raw materials, extracted from the expansive stretches of the company’s mines, are metamorphosed into products imbued with unparalleled quality. Alongside the physical aspects of production, a multifaceted team, steeped in knowledge and brimming with experience, steers the technical aspects, ensuring each particle of bentonite reflects the company’s commitment to superiority.


Research & Development

The perpetual engine driving Iran Bentonite Co. toward continuous advancement and sustained quality in its offerings resides in its Research & Development (R&D) unit. In this space, ingenuity and technological prowess combine. The organization harmonizes diverse scenarios, engaging in an intricate dance with various possibilities, to fortify and elevate both its products and services. A resilient commitment to enhancing its offerings is manifested through scrupulous research, judicious application of technological advancements, and a meticulously curated approach to scenario planning, thereby ensuring the resultant products and services are not only reflections of current market demands but also precursors to future industry needs.

To monitor all the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of our products, Iran Bentonite Co. has established its own Laboratory with cutting-edge technology. It helps us to protect the right of our respected clients to receive a homogenous and high-quality cargo. To reach this goal, we take enough representative samples from each produced batch and test them in our own laboratory and record the results.


Community & Environment

Navigating through the realms of industry, Iran Bentonite Co. intricately weaves its operational tapestry with threads of communal upliftment and environmental preservation, acknowledging that the cornerstone of genuine success is etched in the well-being of society and nature alike. The company consciously integrates itself within the social and ecological fabric of its operational locale, striving to be more than merely a commercial entity but a catalyst for positive change and development. The blueprint of its initiatives embodies a diverse spectrum, from fostering local communities through educational and infrastructural projects to embarking on ventures aimed at the rejuvenation and protection of the surrounding ecosystems.

Within its operational boundaries, the corporation endeavors to minimize its ecological footprint, adopting advanced and responsible manufacturing methodologies that honor and safeguard the environment. In essence, Iran Bentonite Co. strives to maintain and extend its growth and sustainability, symbiotically bound with the flourishing of the community and the preservation of the environment.


Partnerships & Collaborations

Iran Bentonite Co. crafts a nexus of sturdy alliances with a spectrum of mines across Iran and adjacent territories, anchoring its commitment to a steadfast procurement of premium raw materials. This integration with varied mineral sources isn’t merely a logistical strategy; It is a conscious endeavor to perpetuate an unwavering supply chain that robustly supports its manifold product lines and service extensions.

Furthermore, the company entwines its operational threads with several shipping lines, ensuring a seamless and punctual delivery of its potent products to a diverse, global clientele. By virtue of these meticulously cultivated partnerships, Iran Bentonite Co. not only bolsters its intrinsic manufacturing capabilities but also carves pathways for a harmonious interchange of knowledge, resources, and opportunities with its partners. Through this strategic matrix of collaborations, the company builds a name that not only amplifies its operational efficacy but also enriches the broader industrial ecosystem with which it is integrally intertwined.


Compliance & Standards

In the area of compliance and standards, Iran Bentonite Co. emerges as a dedicated company, diligently harmonizing its methodologies and products with an array of industry norms and legislative requisites. The company constructs its operational skeleton in alignment with multifaceted industry regulations, ensuring that its products, from inception to delivery, mirrors the highest echelons of quality and safety. The embodiment of rigorous adherence to standards can be witnessed throughout the company’s operational unit, where thorough audits, keen oversight, and steadfast commitment to ethical practices intertwine to forge a pathway that not only safeguards but elevates the integrity of its diverse product basket. Iran Bentonite Co., therefore, not merely observes but champions a philosophy wherein meticulous compliance and unwavering quality coalesce.


Careers & Culture

In the collaborative expanse of Iran Bentonite Co., a culture of unity, respect, and shared ambition permeates through each department, knitting a workspace where every individual finds a confluence between personal aspirations and organizational goals. The heartbeat of the company resonates with a collective pursuit of operational excellence and individual upliftment, woven into a work environment that is not merely a physical space but a crucible where ideas, innovations, and individualities are nurtured.

Within the walls of Iran Bentonite Co., employees navigate through a journey where their expertise is valued, endeavors acknowledged, and where their growth is intrinsically intertwined with the company’s trajectory. The firm, in its essence, harbors an environment that does not simply adhere to but pioneers a template of an empowering, enriching, and ethically grounded workspace. Consequently, a career with Iran Bentonite Co. is a pathway to individual growth.



We maintain all the professional standards in the packaging of the cargo whether plain or with our own/customer’s brand.


Contact Information

For those intrigued by the promising ventures and solid products of Iran Bentonite Co., establishing a connection has been streamlined through multiple communicative avenues, ensuring accessibility from various global corners.

  • The headquarter, nestled in the heart of Tehran, Iran, sits at No. 31, Farshid Bldg., Farshid Ave., Valiasr St., and can be telephonically reached via +98 21 910707134 or digitally through email at info@iranbentoniteco.com.
  • Whereas, the UAE Office strategically resides in the bustling Al-sabkha, Deira, Dubai, specifically at No. 801, Al-Owais Business Tower, paving the way for convenient interactions within the region.
  • Furthermore, a dedicated office in Moscow, Russia, located at No. 23, Prospect Mira 106, also opens its doors to further enhance the company’s accessibility and presence in the European territory.
  • Additionally, for instant digital communication, a designated WhatsApp number (+98 991 2505916) is available, catering to inquiries and engagements with agility and promptness.

Each office is meticulously orchestrated to facilitate streamlined, comprehensive, and efficient communication, bridging distances and forging collaborative paths across borders.