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Iran Bentonite Co. is a pioneer active company which its activities are specialized in manufacturing and exporting of all grades of Bentonite. Having several Bentonite Mines in different areas of Iran, well-equipped Mineral Processing Plants and a knowledgeable and experienced technical team, Iran Bentonite Co., managed to pave its own way to the international markets promptly.


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Having numerous Bentonite active mines and enormous reserves of this applicable mineral, Iran is one of the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of Bentonite.


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Factory ​

JAM Group Co. has established well-equipped micronization factories in order to make high-quality Bentonite Powder.


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Well-Equipment Laboratory ​

Given the diversity of our Bentonite products and their different application fields, it is vital to test all the characteristics of our products during the production process.


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We are now proud to have two offices in Dubai and Turkey to make conditions easier for our valued customers.


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For Iran Bentonite Company, which owns numerous mines and bentonite factories, there is no greater pleasure than customer satisfaction, so we are proud to show you customer satisfaction in various projects:


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Bentonite represents one of the main players in the stability of the drilling mud. Drilling fluid is a very important element for …

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Paint bentonite is a beneficial grade of bentonite made of inorganic clays and has an inorganic origin…

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Pet or cat litter bentonite is a valuable grade of bentonite clay with particular properties…


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Due to its many advantages, bentonite is an excellent choice for animal feed additives…


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Casting bentonite is one of the commercial grades of bentonite with particular properties. Due to the unique qualities of this product as a …

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Numerous industries have the potential to produce large amounts of wastewater that are highly contaminated …

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Bentonite is a widely-used absorbent swelling clay that holds various applications in the industry.


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Bentonite is a multipurpose material, served in diverse industries for various applications. The grade of this substance utilized in civil engineering is called construction bentonite.

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Pelletizing bentonite is a commercial grade of bentonite that holds specific properties, making it a perfect component in producing iron ore pellets as a binding agent.


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